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On the Water Kayak Demo April 28, 2018


Mark your calendars for Saturday April 28, 2018 because we’re hosting an on-the-water kayak demo day! Whether you’re new to kayaking or you’re an expert, this is a great free event to test out all the latest boats from top brands like Bonafide Kayak, Jackson Kayak, Diablo Paddlesports, Feel Free, Native Watercraft, Riptide, Viking, Wilderness, Perception,  and NuCanoe. We’re bringing almost all the latest models that we carry for you to paddle and test drive with experienced kayakers available if you need help.


New Stinky Pants Stringer Colors


Stinky Pants Fishing is very excited to release 2 new hot colors – Teal and Neon Orange are hitting the water near you. Available in 12 ft Originals, 8 ft Pro Series, and 12 ft Stinky Hookers.

These stringers are hand-made right here in Texas with the highest quality craftsmanship. They won’t knot, fray, ravel or get stuck on teeth or hooks. Taking your fish off this stringer at the end of the day is slicker than trout slime, just release the stringer and drop your catch right into the cooler.

Sharkathon 2017 is Coming Soon!


Sharkathon is a 501(c)(3) non-profit created by surf fishermen for surf fishermen, and raises funds for several non-profit and education organizations. This is not just another shark tournament. Sharkathon is a catch, photo, release tournament with awesome catches and awesome prizes. Besides the shark categories, there’s divisions for redfish, trout, tarpon, kids, and women.

The 2017 dates have been announced! Primary dates are October 13-15, and backup dates are November 17-19. Signup dates will be announced soon. Check out sharkathon.com for more details on the tournament.

The above photos feature some of the winners from the 2016 Sharkathon tournament: Jennifer Baker, Guillermo Guillen, and Russell Book

Contest: Please review some products!


Those of you who shop in our store know the benefits of feeling a product in your hands before buying it. You get to adjust the drag on a reel, cast different fly rods, see lures with your own eyes.

People who only shop on our website don’t get the opportunity to do that before they buy, so it’s harder to decide. But they can read your reviews.

So we’d like to run a contest over the next couple weeks. Any time you review a product on our website, you’ll be entered to win. The more reviews, the more chances you have to win. At the end of the contest, we’ll pick 5 random winners and you can take your pick of anything in the Cool Stuff Box (we’ve got lots of neat things in there, like hats, lanyards, cups, lures, fishing line, stickers, etc.)

Some ground rules: Only review products you have experience with. Be honest and keep your reviews PG rated. Review as many products as you want for more chances to win.

How to win: Go to a product’s page on our website and click the Reviews tab to leave a review.

PENN Combo Giveaway July 2017


Signup to WIN a PENN Slammer III 8500 spinning reel and PENN Carnage II 7 ft spinning rod during July 2017! All you have to do is fill out the form below.


Terms: No purchase necessary. Limit one entry per household. Must be 18 years or older. Winner will be notified by phone or email. Offer valid July 1-31, 2017. Do not have to be present to win. Winning items may not be returned or traded out. Winner can pickup items in our store or pay $35 to have them shipped via USPS. By signing up for this giveaway, you will be added to our email list where we send periodic updates about new products, special offers, and more. You may opt out of the email list at any time.

Avet Summer Sale – 10% Off Avet Reels


Have your eye on an Avet Reel? Well you’re in luck because for the month of July, we’re doing 10% off all regular priced Avet Reels!

Valid only July 1-31, 2017. No layaways. No rainchecks. Special orders available with full payment required up front. Discount does not apply to blemished or discontinued reels.


Use coupon code AvetSummer2017

FREE PENN Drycase with Purchase


For a limited time only, get a FREE PENN Drycase Mossy Oak Dry Bag when you spend $200 or more on PENN products.

Redeem your free gift at our registers when you’ve met the promo total!

Bags are limited. First come, first serve. No rainchecks. No layaways. Does not apply to sales or discounted items. Promotion valid July 1-15, 2017. In-store only.

Kayak Demo On the Water August 5th


Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 5th because we’re hosting an on-the-water kayak demo day! Whether you’re new to kayaking or you’re an expert, this is a great free event to test out all the latest boats from top brands like Jackson Kayak, Diablo Paddlesports, Feel Free, Native Watercraft, Viking, Wilderness, Perception, RipTide, and NuCanoe. We’re bringing almost all the latest models that we carry for you to paddle and test drive with experienced kayakers available if you need help.


Homerecker Lures Giveaway May 18

MEET AND GREET WITH AN AWESOME GIVEAWAY — M&R Tackle / Homerecker Lures will be here Thursday, May 18th from 2 to 6 pm, giving away 50 of their FAMOUS Roy’s Bait and Tackle South Texas Edition Mullet lures!! 50 customers who spend over $25 will get a FREE topwater lure, as shown in the above photo.

Capt. Javi Castillo will also be here talking to customers about how he fishes the area, and how he’s successful day in and day out. From rigging tips, to where and when.

M&R Tackle is also bringing new colors of their Jerk Bait and some BRAND NEW COLORS of the Paddle Tail that no one has seen before!

All you have to do is mention this AD at checkout! Take a pic with Capt Javi. and Post on YOUR WALL tagging us.

How to Set the Drag on a Reel

So you just got a new reel and you want to know the proper way of setting your drag? We’ve got you covered. Here are the basics of what a drag is, and the correct way to set your drag so you don’t break your line or lose the fish because he shakes your hook.

What is a Drag and Why is it Important?

The drag is a pair of friction plates in your reel that controls the amount of line that gets let out when you’re fighting a fish. When a fish pulls on your line hard enough, the friction is overcome and the reel rotates backward to let line out.

It’s important to set your drag properly depending on your fishing situation. If you don’t set it to match your fish, your line will come out either too fast or too slow, which in turn might cause the fish to shake the hook or your line to break.

The rod you’re using, along with the type of line (monofilament, braided line, etc.) will also play a role in how you set your drag.

Setting the Drag on Spinning Reels

The drag on spinning reels is on the top of the reel. It’s set by turning the click wheel to the right to tighten, and to the left to loosen your drag.

Pull on your line directly (your line should be through all your guides on the rod, set up like you’re going fishing, make sure all knots are out of your guides). If the line pulls out too easily, tighten the drag. If it’s too hard, loosen your drag.

You can use a small spring scale to judge the force if you don’t think you can do it accurately yourself. It’s better to be too loose and have to fight your fish a little longer, than to break off when you’ve got a big fish on the line.

Lever Drag and Conventional Reels

SETTING-YOUR-DRAG-LEVER-DRAG-STRIKEYour drag should be set at a number that is 1/4 to 1/3 of your line’s breaking strength. So if you’re using a 40 lb braid, your drag setting will be between 10 and 13 lbs at strike. (the button you’ll see as your lever goes forward before stopping toward full.)

Star drags have a drag shaped like a star, and give you more precise control over your drag. You cannot tighten or loosen a star drag once it’s set, or you will have to do it again to find your setting.

Lever drags have a lever that goes between strike and full, and they give you a built-in stop that might change a couple pounds when you change gears.

Use a spring scale for the most accuracy. Take your rod and reel setup with line through the guides, and create a loop at the end of your line.

Put some drag on the reel to start, and hook your scale onto the line. Pull down on the line and see how far you can go. If you have a 40 lb line, and the scale says 8 lbs, you need to loosen the drag until you get to 10-13 lbs, which is the recommended setting for 40 lb line.

Do this a few times to make sure it’s consistent. Once you get your drag to the desired setting, do not touch the drag knob anymore or you may accidentally change it.

Adjusting Your Drag When Fighting a Fish

When you initially set your drag, you’re doing so with a full spool of line. A big fish might pull half your spool out, which changes the dynamics and makes your drag set at a higher amount.

So if you started at 10-13 lbs, you may now be at 20-26 lbs when a fish has half your line out. You’ll want to loosen your drag to get it back to the comfortable range of 10-13 lbs, or you’ll risk breaking your line.

Tips for Setting Your Drag

A heavier action rod will increase the pressure on you when fighting a fish, so your drag setting will feel like it’s higher compared to a more parabolic rod with a medium tip and a slow-bending backbone.

Braided lines do not stretch like monofilament, so keep your line type in mind when setting your drag.

Your rod is like a spring under pressure when a fish is on. Once loaded, it has kinetic energy working in its favor and with the right action, it works in your favor putting pressure on the fish under the reel’s drag. After it’s bent, it will take pressure off you and apply it to the fish.

Rods with a faster tip and slower backbone bend better, and are more forgiving to the angler, putting more pressure on the fish. Rods that are slower and less forgiving will put more heat on the angler instead of the fish.

Slower less forgiving rod that puts the heat on the angler versus the fish

Slower less forgiving rod that puts the heat on the angler versus the fish

Faster tip with slower backbone bending into fore grip. More forgiving for anglers that cannot handle the heat

Faster tip with slower backbone bending into fore grip. More forgiving for anglers that cannot handle the heat

When you’re standing up, heavier action rods can put a ton of pressure on a fish because they do not bend like lighter ones, so keep that in mind when setting your drag.

Thanks to Accurate Fishing for these awesome photos.

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