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StrikePro Hunchback Lures


Hunchback wake bait lures are a floating lure that runs a ½ inch under the surface, shaking and rattling like a lost bait fish. Creates massive reaction strike of nearby fish.

We do not offer both sizes in all colors. Currently, the JR (2 11/16″) is only offered in the Ghost, Pink-a-licious, Bone Chartreuse, First Light. 5 Dozen Croaker, and Greylight.


Product Description

Hunchback by StrikePro is a “Wake Bait” that runs a half inch under the water’s surface. It shakes and rattles just like a baitfish lost from its school, producing a wake and attracting fish from a long way off. The unique wake bait action creates massive reaction strikes, making this a great topwater lure.

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Additional information


2 11/16, 3 1/8


5 Doz Croaker, First Light, Grey Light/Shadow, Pink-a-Licious, Laguna Lime, Robert Red Head, Purple Smoke, Bone Chartreuse, Silver Limehead, Goldie, Tequila Sunrise, Black Chrome, Ghost, Shiner

California P65

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