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Shearwater 125 $1699.99
W/Pedal Drive $2299.99

  • 12′ 5″ Long
  • 35″ Wide
  • 475 lbs Capacity
  • Weighs 82 lbs

The most complete fishing kayak ever, the Shearwater 125’s unrivaled speed and stability is only exceeded by its limitless options for angling customization and its incomparable choices of pedal, power, or paddle acceleration – Vibe X-Drive pedal system, Bixpy Jet motor, Vibe Evolve paddle, or the unique combo of all three – at an unmatched price to build the fishing kayak of your dreams to fit any and all budgets.

The Shearwater 125 has been engineered from the water up to be the world’s most versatile and customizable fishing kayak. Ownership delivers a whole new level of pro angling performance and powerhouse personalization written in limitless tight fishing lines and uncompromised confidence with every cast.

**Check with our staff on available colors in this model**


Cubera 120
Regular $1099.99 Sale $999.99

  • 12′ Long
  • 33.5″ Wide
  • 475 lbs Capacity
  • Weighs 72 lbs

Stand out and stand up, on the Vibe Cubera 120; a unique all-grip, no-slip, unsinkable fish-catching platform that outperforms and delivers unrivaled sight-fishing and access to either ultra-shallow shoreline waters or the deepest ocean spots. Compatible with the optional 4-position super-comfort Vibe Summit Seat and Base – and when paired with the optional Summit Perch it delivers you an additional 16 inches above the water, whether seated or standing. 

With the Cubera, you’ll notice Vibe’s signature superior balance and stability with every cast, crest, gust, and current.  No other fishing kayak allows you to get so high above the waterline, nor gives you as much open deck customization, for unmatched casting precision and rigging opportunities. 

**Check with our staff on available colors in this model**


Seaghost 11.0
Regular $1099.99 Sale $849.99

  • 11′ 6″ Long
  • 33″ Wide
  • 425 lbs Capacity
  • Weighs 62 lbs

Adventure awaits with the Vibe Sea Ghost 110 angler kayak. This kayak provides the best of speed and stability so you can maneuver flat water, rivers and tight quarters with ease. The well-balanced hull provides unparalleled performance while the included rudder system saves your energy during long paddles, windy days, and strong currents. The dual position Vibe Hero seat provides comfort and support for long days on the water.

**Check with our staff on available colors in this model**


Seaghost 13.0
Regular $1199.99 Sale $949.99

  • 13′ Long
  • 33.5″ Wide
  • 550 lbs Capacity
  • Weighs 71 lbs

Venture farther in the Vibe Sea Ghost 130 angler kayak. From unmatched hull stability, and superior tracking, the Sea Ghost 130 angler kayak can handle waters from rivers to surf. Along with rigging and storage options that anglers demand, the Sea Ghost 130 includes a rudder, that saves energy on long paddles, windy days or in strong currents.

**Check with our staff on available colors in this model**


Yellowfin 120
Regular $999.99 Sale $749.99

  • 12′ Long
  • 33″ Wide
  • 400 lbs Capacity
  • Weighs 66 lbs

Experience more with the Vibe Yellowfin 120 kayak. This lightweight boat offers stability without sacrificing speed. Packed with rigging and storage options, the Yellowfin 120 is an essential kayak to add to the fleet!

**Check with our staff on available colors in this model**


Yellowfin 130 Tandem
Regular $1199.99 Sale $1099.99

  • 13′ Long
  • 35″ Wide
  • 500 lbs Capacity
  • Weighs 80 lbs

Share the journey with the Yellowfin 130T. Our tandem Yellowfin with framed hero seats and foot braces means all day comfort, while the rudder ready hull provides maneuverability and performance. Equipped with 3 seating positions, the Yellowfin 130T easily holds 2 adults and a child or it can be paddled solo from the center position.

**Check with our staff on available colors in this model**


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