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ProFisha 475 $3289.99

  • 15′ 6″ Long
  • 24″ Wide
  • 341 lbs Capacity
  • Weighs 58 lbs

The Pro Fisha 475 is the smallest size kayak in our Pro Fisha range. This model was designed for speed and performance but in a smaller size kayak so as to keep it lighter and a little more manageable. In conjunction with these design features we also wanted to make a Pro Fisha model that would manage the surf a little easier and be more maneuverable. In order to do this we needed to make the kayak smaller with a little more rocker, but not too small or else we would lose the speed factor.

**Check with our staff on available colors in this model**


Fusion 480 $1989.99

  • 15′ 1″ Long
  • 27″ Wide
  • 485 lbs Capacity
  • Weighs 68 lbs

The Fusion 480 is the latest edition to the Stealth Range. Realizing we needed to add a more affordable rotomoulded kayak to our range, we spent over 18 months of research and development in designing this latest beauty. The first step in creating the Fusion 480 kayak was to identify a need in the market.  It also came down to inspired thoughts and a gut-feel for what the market might need, even though the market doesn’t know it yet. The Fusion 480 is truly about maximum stability, without sacrificing speed and performance. The kayak is built using rotomoulded technology with advanced processes to keep the kayak light enough yet still rigid. The focus on this kayak was to offer an all round kayak with maximum stability yet still ample performance for complete novices to experienced anglers and everyone in between.

**Check with our staff on available colors in this model**


Fisha 555 $3249.99

  • 18.21′ Long
  • 27″ Wide
  • 507 lbs Capacity
  • Weighs 65 lbs

The Fisha 555 is the newest Stealth Kayaks fishing ski on the market, it was made with stability in mind but is still fast due to its length. The 555 is suited for a heavier paddler looking for stability. The 555 is the widest kayak in our range which allows for more fish in your hatch! The 555 is also a long fishing ski and therefore is also the fastest Fisha model in our range.

**Check with our staff on available colors in this model**


ProFisha 525 $3389.99

  • 17.22′ Long
  • 24″ Wide
  • 430 lbs Capacity
  • Weighs 60 lbs

The Pro Fisha 525 is the middle size kayak in our Pro Fisha range. This model was designed with performance and stability in mind. We wanted to make a fast but still stable kayak with great gliding ability. Ultimately the kayak is ideal for chasing those fast moving pelagic and covering long distances but not sacrificing too much stability.

**Check with our staff on available colors in this model**


Fisha 500 $3149.99

  • 16.24′ Long
  • 26.4″ Wide
  • 441 lbs Capacity
  • Weighs 59.5 lbs

The Fisha 500 is the latest upgrade to the older Evolution 495 kayak. It incorporates many of the strong features from the Pro Fisha range in the new design. Without compromising certain features of the Evo that make it unique. The Fisha range is truly about maximum stability before speed. Unlike the Pro Fishas where we targeted performance and speed and then gave them as much ability as possible. The Fisha 500 incorporates the latest hi – tech materials with a construction very similar to the Pro Fisha range. The kayak is built using specialized core materials and epoxy based resin systems. The process of resin infusion is used to keep the build consistent, not only in quality but also in finished weight. The focus on this kayak was to give it maximum stability within its design so the position on the widest point of the kayak and the depth of the seat and foot wells were placed so as to make it very comfortable with a low center of gravity.

**Check with our staff on available colors in this model**


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