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The Roy’s Bait and Tackle Outfitters Pro Staff

These guys are the 2022 Roy’s Bait and Tackle Pro Staff, and they are here if you have any questions or need some guidance.


Gunner Captain Hernandez and Mike Flores
May 2021 1st Place Saltwater Angler’s Redfish Series / Professional Redfish League

Glenn Madden – Inshore/Offshore and Kayaks


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Beginning as a teenager, I spent 30 years fishing out of small powerboats offshore of Port Aransas chasing kingfish and cobia. I learned a lot about presentation and rigging ribbonfish in those years, and I became “that guy” in charge of keeping all the tackle in order, rigging baits and keeping the spread of baits clean while we fished. I also spent a lot of my earlier years wade fishing the bays for trout and reds, and I even had the chance to crew on a big boat chasing (and catching) billfish, wahoo and tuna for several years.

In 2007 I was in a traffic accident and had a pretty serious neck injury. It required a fusion of three of the vertebrae in my neck, and really limited my activities for a while. I began kayaking to strengthen my neck and shoulders, and it quickly paid off by letting me sleep pain-free again. It also helped me see the offshore world in a whole new way. When I got out of powerboats and slowed down to kayak speeds, I got a closer look at the fish and gained a better understanding of what it took to catch them. I started to think more like a fish, so I began to catch more and larger fish.

That first year I only paddled a few miles, but every year I have added more trips (sometimes 25 miles of paddling per trip) and it has helped me stay in shape and chase lots of fish that make the drags scream for mercy. I began carrying video cameras to prove to friends that my stories were true, and that launched what has become a pretty popular YouTube channel. I post fishing trips, but also how-to videos to help new-comers learn to rig up and succeed when they head out to try kayak fishing for themselves.

Kayaks have allowed me to catch more fish, and have also allowed me to approach some that were unexpected. I have been able to pet Manta rays much larger than my kayak, paddle with several types of sharks over 10 feet in length (no I didn’t pet any of those), and had lots of close-up contacts with the big dolphins that hang around the jetties of Port Aransas.

A couple of years ago I discovered fly fishing and I’ve added that activity (especially in the shallows chasing redfish) to my usual fishing trips. Using a fly rod requires you to pay attention to all of the details, but it can be a very effective way to present offerings to alert, shallow water fish! When conditions are not good for heading offshore I spend lots of days exploring just how many good fish I can land on the fly …while sitting on a kayak. I’ll be sharing the adventures here so feel free to follow along!

Mike Flores – Inshore/Offshore and Kayaks


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Tournament History: 

  • 2013 Spanish Mackerel Champion (Texas Bluewater Kayak Classic).
  • 2015 Cobia Champion (Texas Bluewater Kayak Classic).
  • 2018 3rd place offshore 2nd overall (Rey Del Mar inshore/offshore Kayak Fishing Tournament).
  • 2019 1st place Team/Big Redfish (Saltwater Angler Redfish Series #1 April).
  • 2019 2nd place Team (Texas Kayak Fishing SA Series May).
  • 2019 1st place Team/Big Redfish (Saltwater Angler Redfish Series #2 June).
  • 2019 2nd place Team (Rudy’s Yak attack Redfish series July).
  • 2019 1st place Team/Big Redfish (Saltwater Angler Redfish Series #3 Aug).
  • 2019   SWA Kayak Team of the Year  (Saltwater Angler Redfish Series #2 June).
  • 2020 SWA 2nd place/Big Redfish. (Saltwater Angler Redfish Series #3)
  • 2020 Tournament season cancelled (COVID)


I was born west Texas and raised in Corpus Christi.  I grew up fishing little Oso Bay and Lower Laguna Madre, drifting the flats on a kayak with top waters and soft plastics.  I’ve come to love sight casting for redfish in Gin clear waters to hunting for them in our Marsh and bay systems.  As I became a more confident Kayak Angler, I slowly started to gravitate towards offshore fishing, (BTB). That’s where the bigger Pelagic Species are.  I’ve fished from the fresh waters of the Columbia/Willamette rivers in Oregon for Salmon and Giant Sturgeon and the Texas Blue Water Kayak Classic in Corpus, to Florida/Bahamas in the Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournaments for Kingfish, Cobia, Snapper and many other species.  More recently I’ve Partnered up with Capt. Gunner Hernandez representing Team Roy’s Bait and Tackle fishing as many local Redfish Tournaments as possible

Objective:   I take great pride and enjoyment as an ambassador in Kayak fishing industry. I strive to guide as many anglers as possible in kayak fishing industry and promote safety for inshore and offshore waters. I am currently working with YackFish Progear to create an affordable propulsion kit for kayaks.


Mike and Gunner

Ram Garcia – Inshore and Kayaks


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Deep in the heart of South Texas, navigating and fishing the waters of the Texas coast grew an angler. Learning the basics from his father he knew that there was fish to be caught but how? Growing up along the coast, spending most of his time on the water he knew something had to change to expand his adventure. Expanding his knowledge of different types of fishing and conservation tactics, kayak fishing came to mind. Fishing from banks to piers, rocks to pot holes, and every nook and cranny that could possibly be holding fish; seeking that elusive fish that would only get talked about around campfires, knowing those stories and tales would be of his own one day. Casting into oblivion, anticipating an award after every cast knowing that kayak fishing would pay off one day, he focused his attention to the sport. Inshore to offshore he grew into the angler he is now. This angler grew with intent to follow his dream and protect the sport that he loves, this angler is Ram Garcia.     

Jeremy Torres – Inshore Boat and Wading


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Meet Jeremy Torres – an avid angler who was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas. Jeremy has been a licensed Captain since 2017 but has fished the Coastal Bend waters his entire life. After catching dozens of fish off the beach throughout his younger years, he transitioned into bay fishing and is well-known for his ability to catch trout and redfish. Jeremy is extremely passionate about the sport of fishing and aims to “pinpoint” and pattern bull redfish and trophy trout. Jeremy’s skill has reflected on his reputation as a local fishing guide. Whether it’s for work or play, he spends most of his time catching numerous fish throughout South Texas!

Jesse Torres – Inshore Boat and Wading


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Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly fishing guide or one to put you on a trophy, Captain Jesse Torres is the guide for you.

Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas Captain Jesse grew up fishing year-round and hunting deer, dove and duck with his family and friends and traveling around the country for work. He spent more than a decade in the oil and gas industry until recently, when the price of oil took a dive and left him without a job. That’s when he took a leap of faith and jumped into guiding full-time and hasn’t looked back since!

“Fishing has always been my passion and my plan has always been to make this my career. This year made things happen a lot sooner than anticipated – not just for me but a lot of people during this pandemic. I jumped straight into guiding full-time and I’m loving the outcome,” said Captain Jesse.

Book a trip with Captain Jesse Torres Fishing Guide and load up on his 23’ Shoalwater Cat down the intracoastal waterway and fish Laguna Madre or Baffin Bay for a few hours or a full day. Once you head back in, Capt. Jesse will happily clean any fish you keep and pack it up for you to take home. 

It’s Capt. Jesse’s mission to see his customers make memories with their friends and family while on his boat, just as he has with his family and friends.

“Being outdoors and on the water gives you a peace that only you can get there, and I love to see my customers experience that with me,” added Capt. Jesse.

Jesus “Gunner Captain” Hernandez Jr. – Inshore and Kayaks


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  • – None currently due to Covid-19 quarantine restrictions.


  • -2019 Saltwater Angler TOY, 1st Place Stringer & Heaviest Redfish Kayak Division, Corpus Christi, TX
  • -1st Place Stringer and Heaviest Redfish, Saltwater Angler Redfish Series, Kayak, Stop 3, Corpus Christi, TX
  • -1st Place Stringer and Heaviest Redfish, Saltwater Angler Redfish Series, Kayak, Stop 2, Rockport, TX
  • -2nd Place, Saltwater Angler Redfish Series, Kayak, Stop 1, Corpus Christi, TX
  • -3rd Place, Rudy’s Kayak Attack Redfish Series, Stop 4, Matagorda, TX
  • -2nd Place, Rudy’s Kayak Attack Redfish Series, Corpus Christi, TX
  • -6th Place, Saltwater Survival Series, Stop 4, Matagorda, TX
  • -2nd Place, TKFSA, Kayak, Event #1
  • -1st Place Stringer and Heaviest Redfish, IFR tournament, Ingleside, TX

2018 and Prior

  • -1st Place Stringer & Heaviest Redfish, Rudy’s Kayak Attack Redfish Series, Rockport, TX 2018
  • -1st Place Stringer, Saltwater Angler Redfish Series, Kayak, Corpus Christi, TX 2018
  • -1st Place Stringer & Heaviest Redfish, IFR Tournament, Ingleside, TX 2018
  • -1st Place Heaviest Redfish, Rudy’s Kayak Attack Redfish Series, Corpus Christi, TX 2017
  • -2nd Place Heaviest Redfish, Port Mansfield Tournament, Port Mansfield, TX 2017
  • -2nd Place Stringer and Longest Redfish, KATS inshore tournament, Stop 2, Rockport, 2016
  • -2nd Place Stringer, KATS inshore tournament, Stop 1, Corpus Christi, 2016

OBJECTIVE:  To be a positive influence in the fishing community by teaching others how to fish efficiently and responsibly.  To be and to teach others to be good stewards of our fish, wildlife, and our natural resources.  To be a top contender but good sportsman, and a total professional in the inshore tournament circuit.  To inspire in others to do the same.  I am honest, hard-working, and super disciplined!


Texas Parks and Wildlife and U.S. Coastguard certified Captain 2018


Saltwater Angler
01/01/2017 – Present.
Editor:  Ron Henne Jr. 


Cameron University Lawton OK, 12/2004, B.A. Degree, History


  • – Chief Warrant Officer 3, USMC, Retired, 22 years of service 1984 – 2005
  • – Drill Instructor and Senior Drill Instructor, 1991 – 1995


I grew up in Brownsville, TX.  I spent my early childhood fishing mostly from land and boat.  My father loved fishing and he instilled this in me.  I grew up fishing at places like Boca Chica Beach, Boca Chica Jetties, Rio Grande River, Bahia Grande, Los Amarrados, Brownsville Ship Channel, South Bay, Puente Los Lobos, Holly Beach, and Port Mansfield. 

I joined the Marine Corps when I was 18 years old and retired when I was 40.  After my retirement from the Marine Corps, my family and I settled in Corpus Christi, Texas. Soon thereafter, I took up fishing frequently again.  I started by wade fishing, mostly in Nueces Bay and Packery Flats.  I then discovered kayaking and found a deep passion for the sport.  I am now considered a prominent figure in the kayaking community.  I am mostly an inshore fishermen.  My preferred method of fishing for redfish is search, located, chase, and catch.  I fish mostly in shallow bays or in back-water marshes.  I specialize in catching “Big” slot Redfish.  My success in catching big and heavy Redfish has garnered the attention of many anglers around the country.

My professional resume includes Branch Management, Operations Management, and Business Development Management specializing in the Environmental, Transportation, and Industrial Cleaning Services.  I’ve have over 22 years of management experience.  I am currently the South and Central Texas Business Development Manager for HydroChemPSC which is the largest industrial cleaning company in the world.

My wife Dolores and I have been married for 35 years.  We have four daughters Alexandra, Monica, Jessica, and Carolina.  We have one grandchild, Charlotte Dolores Wiley.  Our two dogs are “Amigo” and “Ash”.


Spanish reading, speaking, and writing.

Eugene Mora III – Freshwater/Saltwater and Kayaks


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Bio: Born and raised in San Antonio, TX. Fishing and the Outdoors have always been a part of his life.

Fishing was introduced prior to learning how to walk. Since then, the passion for fishing and sharing the experience has exploded. A very supportive family with strong values has played a huge role in the growth and development of becoming absolutely addicted to life on the water.

Fresh. Salt. Shallow flats to Offshore, this Angler knows no boundaries.

A diehard Kayak Tournament Angler; Eugene fishes’ multiple events a year. 

When not on the water chasing fish, he is writing for Texas Outback Magazine, or planning the next

Tournament for San Antonio Kayak Fishing.  This Facebook group started out as a project; an extension for Anglers in and around the area to get out and fish more often. Three years in, the group has grown in popularity with some top tier Sponsors.

Eugene’s passion for the sport has earned him spots in teams like; Wilderness Systems, Lowrance, Onyx  Outdoors, Stinky Pants Fishing, Temple Fork Outfitters, P-Line and Roy’s Bait and Tackle… to name a few.

These titles are not something Eugene takes for granted, he is diligent in his approach and representation of the products he represents. He enjoys educating and introducing others to kayak fishing.

A look ahead: This year marks 6 years of Tournament Angling. The goal is to make the podium in various tournament series, while continuing to learn and have fun on the water. The 2019-2020 seasons were strong with multiple top 5’s, top 10’s, and a few checks cashed.  The experience and confidence are welcomed as the 2021 season is rapidly approaching. 

Moto: Faith, Family, Fishing – Mathew 28:20

Sponsor List: Roy’s Bait and Tackle, Wilderness Systems Kayaks, Onyx Outdoor Gear, Lowrance, Temple Fork Outfitters, YakAttack, Bioenno Power Lithium Batteries, P-Line, Stinky Pants Fishing, BerleyPro, Stank Stick, Woo Tungsten

Tod Johnson – Inshore/Offshore and Kayaks


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Fishing from the time he could walk, and kayaking since 2009. Tod began paddling the Texas Gulf Coast to expand his fishing options, while at the same time finding peace and solitude in time spent on the water. He made the leap in 2011 from inshore to offshore fishing where he fell in love with the salt spray, screaming drags, and a family of like minded offshore anglers. Through it all, Tod has always been a customer and a friend of Roy’s Bait & Tackle Outfitters.

Tod’s passion for offshore kayaking drove his decision in early 2016 to relocate from San Antonio to Corpus Christi, TX. Tod now travels from Tournaments to Kayak related events capturing and sharing the amazing culture that surrounds the Kayak Industry. He contributes to local and national publications such as Coastal Angler Magazine, Saltwater Angler Magazine, Fishbrain Weekly Fishing Report, and Lone Star Outdoor News. You can also find Tod on Instagram under the handle @SAHunter_Outdoors. Tod continues to compete in Local and National offshore kayak fishing events such as the GOAT and Pygmy Kayak Fishing Tournaments, Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament Series, and once ran the the Blue Water Kayak Classic in Corpus. He was formerly on the rules and ethics committee for EKFT.  

Tod continues to travel the world and has kayaked offshore in most of the States along the Gulf of Mexico and 4 Countries on two different continents.