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Owner Dancing Hook Sabiki Bait Catchers


Owner Dancing Hook Sabiki has a shank that’s pressed flat, making the gold hooks dance down the water column.

Size #6
Model # 5528-057

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Product Description

With a shank pressed flat, the gold hooks “dance” down the water column. Green and pink glow heads; color bead slides on each branch line; reflective multi-colored foil strands; hooks dressed with metallic gold mylar.

  • Hook Size #6
  • Main Line 30 lb test
  • Branch Line 20 lb test

Owner Hooks Sabiki Bait Catchers

Multi-hook jigging rigs for catching mackerel, small jacks (caballitos), herring, smelt and other small baitfish. Rigs vary in length depending on number of hooks, but generally, 10 inches of main line stretches between 4-inch drop lines. Swivels attach at each end of rig.

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