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Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow


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Product Description

Salt Pro Minnow lures catch a variety of game fish. This is a versatile and long casting bait designed for a fast, ripping style retrieve that produces an erratic side-to-side swimming action draws the attention of your predator.


  • Weight transfer system for easier, longer casts
  • Realistic scale pattern and 3D eyes
  • Heavy duty saltwater hooks


Size 5 ⅛ inch Floating 6 ¾ inch Floating 6 inch Sinking
Length 5 ⅛" (13 cm) 6 ¾" (17.15 cm) 6"
Depth 3 ft 3 ft 0 to Bottom
Type Floating Floating Sinking
Weight ⅞ oz 1 ⅝ oz 1 ¼ oz
Hook Size #1 #3/0 #1

Additional information



5 ⅛" Floating, 6" Sinking, 6 ¾" Floating


Laser Shiner, Black Purple, Bone, Chrome, Translucent Glow Back, Ghost White, Laser Sardine, Blue Mackerel, Parrot


5 ⅛ in, 6 in, 6 ¾ in

Lure Weight

⅞ oz, 1 ¼ oz, 1 ⅝ oz


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