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Black Bart Medium/Heavy Tackle Skirted Lures


This size lure group can be used many different ways. Not quite sized or weighted to the degree of our heavy tackle baits. They can be used in short positions for anglers fishing lighter tackle or in long positions for the heavy tackle anglers. These are the perfect baits for the angler looking for marlin, big wahoo and larger 150+ tuna. Lure sizes run 13 to 15 inch long and will work well with 50 lb+ class tackle. “Dangerously Perfect” !

Product Description

RPP – 13 inch, 5.5 oz

Oz Prowler – 13 inch, 8.5 oz

Hawaiian Breakfast – 14 inch, 9 oz

Kona Tube – 13.5 inch, 7.5 oz

1656 Angle Nose – 14.5 inch, 8.5 oz

Crooked Island Candy – 16 inch, 16 oz

Wahoo Candy – 17 inch, 18 0z

Big Rock Plunger – 14.5 inch, 12 oz

Warrior – 13.5 inch, 10 oz


Additional information


1656 Angle, Big Rock Plunger, Crooked Island Candy, Hawaiian Breakfast, Kona Tube, Oz Prowler, RPP, Wahoo Candy, Warrior


BBD/PUF – Black Blue Dot/ Purple Fleck, BGO/GDD – Brown Gold Orange/ Gold Dot, BKD/RA – Black Dot/ Rainbow, BKD/YBT – Black Dot/ Yellow Tiger, BLY/RA – Blue Yellow/ Rainbow, BPS/PUF – Black Purple Split/ Purple Fleck, DKG/GCD – Dark Green/ Green Chartreuse, DOL – Blue Yellow/ Green Chartreuse, MAC/PK – Mackerel/ Pink, OB/PBB – Oceanic Blue/ Purple Blue Black, PBD/WBD – Purple Blue Dot/ White Black Dot, PET/ORD – Petro/ Orange Dot, PKT/WH – Pink Tiger/ White, RBT/YBT – Red Tiger/ Yellow Tiger, YFT/SGB – Yellowfin Tuna/ Silver-Gold Black


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