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Black Bart Brat Micro Baits


Black Bart named this group of lures “BRAT’S” because each lure in this grouping has been carefully selected for its cause and effect, they all have fish frenzy attraction irresistibility! Brat’s are deadly little demons born from our larger Black Bart lure designs, now available for the first time in a micro tackle series.

Product Description

Zen – All tackle all species… STEALTH like design… What could be said about this super catcher, ZEN, is ZEN, you will find out for yourself. This SASHIMI catcher trolls quietly in the shot-gun position taking by surprise all comers, even those fish that are cautious or shy. ZEN knows why.

Ika – Modernized BULLET HEAD LURE. IKA when partnered up with any or of my BRAT line good things happen, such as multiple strikes from a plethora of game fish. IKA is an all tackle, fish magnet. Your bite will be red hot, when you chill out & let IKA go to work for you.

Beast – This is a case where the little guy, kicks BUTT. All tackle, all species, all the time, any positions from tucked in tight, to far back in the wake. Even though the BEAST is now sized to be a member of the Brat family, fear not it is a giant catcher of the highest caliber.

Sushi – SUSHI … Has evolved from the historic family of BULLET HEAD LURES. Sushi’s success is worldwide, truly a phenomenally designed lure, Bites are relentless. Sushi’s new size makes it an all tackle, all species lure. Especially when trolled for Tuna ….wasabi sold separately!

Brat – Spark up your wake, with this dominant fast moving, surface splashing, dart and dive super lure. BRAT will rapidly become the lure you just love to troll and will keep you hooked up again! This is no surprise to those that those who know, you can bet the barn on it.

Bully – BULLY … is a Alfa dominant lure, push, shove, dive, swim, supple undulation, add rough water, calm water, no matter. Bully starts out the day, ready to stay the day. Bully is ready to start a fight, & finish the fight. All tackle, all species, this new sized Bully is dangerously perfect.

Additional information


Beast, Brat, Bully, Ika, Sushi, Zen


Black Dot/Purple Blue Dot, Blue Yellow/White Dot, Brown Gold Orange/Green Chartreuse, Green Orange Tiger/Yellow Tiger, Pink Tiger/White Dot, Purple Blue Dot/Silver Tiger


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