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Penn Carnage III Boat Rods



The PENN® Carnage™ III rods are truly in a class of their own. These rods represent the next generation of high-performance rod building with powerful, lightweight blanks that are also extremely durable. Penn’s SLS3 blank construction provides a very thin diameter blank, while maintaining a lightweight feel which is ideal for heavier boat, jig, surf, and nearshore models. Spec’d with high-end components like Fuji® K-Guides, Sea-Guide® and Fuji® reel seats, and Hypalon/Rubber Shrink tube handles, this rod will be anglers’ next go-to workhorse.

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Product Description


  • SLS3 Blank Construction
  • Fuji® K-Series tangle-free guides with SiC inserts
  • Sea-Guide® Aluminum HBS Reel Seat
  • Custom Full Rubberized Shrink Wrapped Handles
  • Aluminum Gimbal



Model Line Rating (lbs) Action Length
CARBWIII2040C70 20-40 Medium Light 7ft
CARBWIII3050C66 30-50lb Medium 6ft 6in
CARBWIII3050C70 30-50 Medium 7ft
CARBWIII4080C60 40-80 Medium Heavy 6ft
CARBWIII4080C66 40-80 Medium Heavy 6ft 6in
CARBWIII4080C70 40-80 Medium Heavy 7ft
CARBWIII50100C60 50-100 Heavy 6ft
CARBWIII50100C66 50-100 Heavy 6ft 6in
CARBWIII50100C70 50-100 Heavy 7ft
CARBWIII1530S70 15-30 Light 7ft
CARBWIII2040S70 20-40 Medium Light 7ft
CARBWIII3050S66 30-50 Medium 6ft 6in
CARBWIII3050S70 30-50 Medium 7ft
CARBWIII4080S70 40-80 Medium Heavy 7ft
CARBWIII50100S60 50-100 Heavy 6ft
CARBWIII50100S802 50-100 Heavy 8ft

Additional information


6ft 6in Spinning 30-50 lb, 6ft 6in Casting 30-50 lb, 6ft Casting 40-80 lb, 6ft Spinning 50-100 lb, 6ft 6in Casting 40-80 lb, 6ft Casting 50-100 lb, 6ft 6in Casting 50-100 lb, 7ft Casting 20-40 lb, 7ft Spinning 30-50 lb, 7ft Casting 30-50 lb, 7ft Spinning 40-80 lb, 7ft Casting 40-80 lb, 7ft Casting 50-100 lb, 7ft Spinning 15-30 lb, 7ft Spinning 20-40 lb, 8ft Spinning 50-100 lb


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