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OSFM Wade Right



The WADE Right is the newest saltwater wade fishing belt to hit the market and it is changing the way people wade fish. Featured on the Texas Saltwater Series television show, the WADE Right is truly revolutionizing how people wade fish.


Product Description

Free Up Your Hands

  • No more chewing on the cork of your rod handle or trying to hold the rod under your arm. We’ve all been there and the end result is inevitable….we dunk our rod and reel!!
  • The WADE Right is the solution to prolonging the life of your fishing reel.
  • The WADE Right is a wading belt without being a belt. It was designed to bring your fishing gear up off of the waistline by carrying it along the chest and shoulders.
  • It provides you the freedom to safely use both hands while fishing.

Prevent Saltwater Damage to Your Rods and Reels

Harsh saltwater can ruin a fishing reel which leads to costly repairs and eventual replacement of expensive fishing equipment. Not to mention, a ruined fishing reel could cut your trip short!! Now you can handle that big trout or re-tie your knot without worrying about dunking your rod and reel. The WADE Right holds a rod and reel behind the anglers shoulder ensuring that it is out of the saltwater.

Customizable to Fit Your Needs

The WADE Right assists anglers while wade fishing by allowing them to outfit the belt in any way they choose. Whether you are a gear junky and pack heavy or you just want to carry a few lures, the WADE right can be customized to work for all wade fishing anglers.



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