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Mustad Tarpon Fly Hooks


Seeing that big mouth of a Tarpon open, turn and flash its silvery side is a make-or-brake-moment. This straight eye Mustad Tarpon Hook will get you that one step closer to hooking a tournament winning fish. The super strong 2X strong wire hook will endure almost anything during the fight, without loosing its grip. The 2X short shank makes it ideal for tying Toad style flies, but also a variety of long, synthetic fiber, baitfish patterns. This versatile hook will work for many other saltwater species, such as Cobia, Tripletail and Redfish. The straight eye gives the fly a more natural swimming action when stripped in. The Mustad Signature fly hooks feature unique sharpness and strength. Developed in cooperation with the world’s top fly tiers to exact proportions between, gap, bend, wire diameter and shank length for precise scaling unmatched by others. Micro barb can easily be pinched down without damaging the hook for barbless applications. Duratin finish.

25 Pack

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Product Description


  • Needle Point
  • 2X Short Shank
  • Nor-Tempered
  • Micro Barb
  • Tapered Eye
  • Duratin Finish
  • 2X Strong
  • Forged

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