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Halco Max 130


This Halco Max 130 is a cutting edge bibless minnow that can do the lot, be it jigging, casting or trolling. The Max has a highly streamlined design that gives this 80 gram winner unbeatable casting ability, while allowing trolling speeds up to 12 knots with minimal trolling resistance.

The slender tail section is designed for maximum hook exposure on the strike. The Max 130 represents the lure of the future. It goes without saying that Max incorporates Halco’s legendary toughness and durability that keep Halco ahead of the rest.

When trolling offshore, be sure to add a Halco Max 130 to your spread of lures. You never know what may take a liking to it.


5 inches long.

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Baitfish, Bonito, Chrome Gold Black Back, Chrome Pink, Chrome Tiger, Fusilier, King Brown, Pilchard, Pink Fluoro, Purple Black, Red Tiger, Stripey, White Redhead, Yellowfin


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