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Grind Stringer Spike Sheath


The Grind Spike Sheath is designed to provide a safe and convenient place to attach a wade stringer to a kayak, wade belt or other wading attire. The Quick Release feature is designed to quickly detach the wade stringer if so needed. No more tying loops in the stringer and then requiring two hands to untie while trying to manage a thrashing fish and holding a rod. Often times predators, such as sharks and Dolphins, might like an easy meal with the fish on the end of a stringer. While wading deeper waters, one would certainly want to avoid being pulled off of their feet and their chest waders filling with water. Thats why we advise against ever tying a stringer to one’s person. Our stringer material will shear in the event of such out right thievery but other wire coated stringers present more of a challenge for Mr. Sharkie. Simply push down to release the spike and you are disengauged! The sheath comes with a rotating heavy duty plastic clip for a kayak eyelet or “D” ring and a belt loop for up to a 1 1/2″ belt. The Holster now comes with a 6 inch long Velcro strap to keep your stringer coiled-up until you need it.

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