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ForeCast X-Flock Heat Shrink Tubing


ForeCast X-flock is perfect for any rod build, both new and old. Looking to enhance your current worn out grips? X-flock will revitalize your old grips into brand new while providing a custom look. Looking to add grip to your woven, EVA, or slick butt? X-flock is the perfect product to protect and provide a strong grip surface. X-flock looking worn out? Simply cut it off and apply new X-flock. Now available without the “X” pattern.


Product Description

  • Full Custom Feel
  • Create Multiple Lengths for Any Application
  • Heat Shrinkable
  • Material: Polyolefin
X-Flock Heat Shrink Tubing
Part Number Colors Length (mm) Length (in) ID (mm) ID (in)
HST-.984X39.4 Black,Blue,Black/Red 1000.76 39.4 24.9936 0.984
HST-1.18X39.4 Black,Blue,Black/Red 1000.76 39.4 29.9720 1.180
HST-1.38X39.4 Black,Blue,Black/Red 1000.76 39.4 35.0520 1.380
HST-1.57X39.4 Black,Blue,Black/Red 1000.76 39.4 39.8780 1.570
HST-1.77X39.4 Black 1000.76 39.4 45.0520 1.773
 No Flock Heat Shrink Tubing
Part Number Colors Length (mm) Length (in) ID (mm) ID (in)
HST(NF)-.984X39.4 Black 1000.76 39.4 24.9936 0.984
HST(NF)-1.18X39.4 Black 1000.76 39.4 29.972 1.18
HST(NF)-1.38X39.4 Black 1000.76 39.4 35.052 1.38
HST(NF)-1.57X39.4 Black 1000.76 39.4 39.878 1.57
HST(NF)-1.77X39.4 Black 1000.76 39.4 44.958 1.77

Additional information


Part #

HST-.984X39.4, HST-1.18X39.4, HST-1.38X39.4, HST-1.57X39.4, HST-1.77X39.4, HST(NF)-.984X39.4, HST(NF)-1.18X39.4, HST(NF)-1.38X39.4, HST(NF)-1.57X39.4, HST(NF)-1.77X39.4


Black, Black/Red, Blue


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