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ForeCast Super Grade Cork/HDCC Fore Grips


What better way to finish off a handle than with our high end super grade ForeCast™ short fore grips? These grips come with high density cork composite (HDCC) trim on each end. These fore grips can also be used in a split grip style handle system. The HEFGC16-1 comes with a tenon to fit size 16 reel seat threaded barrels, and the HEFGC17-1 comes with a tenon to fit size 17 reel seat threaded barrels.


Available Options:

Product Description

  • Full Custom Feel
  • Perfect for Balancing Out Rod Build
  • Tapered for Fishing Comfort
  • High Density Cork Composite (HDCC)
  • Material: Super Grade Cork / HDCC
Part Number Length (mm) Length (in) OD  (mm) OD (in) ID (mm) ID (in) OD FRONT (mm) OD FRONT (in) OD REAR (mm) OD REAR (in)
HEFG2.0S-250 50.8 2 26.67 1.05 6.35 0.25 22.09 0.87 26.67 1.05
HEFG2.5S-250 63.5 2.5 26.67 1.05 6.35 0.25 22.09 0.87 26.67 1.05
HEFG3.5S-250 88.9 3.5 26.67 1.05 6.35 0.25 22.09 0.87 26.67 1.05
HEFG5.0S-375 127 5 29.21 1.15 9.525 0.375 25.27 0.995 29.21 1.15

Additional information


Part #

HEFG2.0S-250, HEFG2.5S-250, HEFG3.5S-250, HEFG5.0S-375


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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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