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MirrOlure C-Eye Pro MirrOdine C17MR Suspending Twitchbait


The C-Eye MirrOdine has that bright, reflective luminescence that attracts fish. Use a twitching retrieve and this shallow runner will dart from side to side, mimicking an injured baitfish. Redfish, trout, snook, and tarpon can’t resist the C17MR.

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Product Description

MirrOlure’s popular MirrOdine® is now available in a
New C-Eye™ Pro series.

The MirrOdine® C-Eye Pro series features natural clear 3-D eyes, contemporary fish-catching finishes and premium black nickel hooks. Just like all of the other MirrOdines®, the C17MR has that bright, reflective, luminescent insert that attracts fish. With a twitching retrieve, this shallow runner darts from side-to-side, mimicking a wounded baitfish. Trout, Redfish, Snook, Striped Bass and Tarpon find the C-Eye MirrOdine® to be irresistible. With the new black hooks, don’t be shy about trying these lures on your favorite freshwater river or lake. Bass will bust them for sure. Fish one of the New C-Eye series MirrOdines® and catch a fish of a lifetime.


  • Length: 2-5/8 inches
  • Weight: 3/8 oz
  • Hooks: 2 treble hooks
  • Depth: 0-2+ ft

Available Colors:

  • BSB: Black/Silver Bones
  • BNSB: Bone Back, Bone Belly, Silver Bones
  • CHSB: Chartreuse Fluorescent Back, Chartreuse Belly, Silver Bones
  • GCSB: Green Back, Pearl Belly, Chartreuse/Silver Bones
  • PSB: Pearl/Silver Bones
  • VPB: Violet/Pink Bones
  • SS: Plum Back, White Belly, Yellow Side, Silver Luminescence
  • VS: Plum Back, Chartreuse Belly, Violet Luminescence
  • Trout: Moss Back, Pearl Belly, Silver Luminescence
  • ECTR: Pink Back, Chartreuse Belly, Silver Luminescence
  • MGTR: Purple Back, Chartreuse Belly, Silver Luminescence
  • Red: Copper Back, White Belly, Gold Luminescence

Additional information

Weight 0.375 oz
Dimensions 2.625 in



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