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ForeCast Hook Keepers – Regular/Folding


ForeCast™ regular and folding hook keepers are extremely resistant to corrosion with a hard anodized finish. The regular hook keeper (HK) is industry standard, and can be used for any application – from fly fishing a small stream or trolling in the deep blue. The folding hook keepers (FHK) are designed for fly fishing, to keep the fly up off the blank so it doesn’t get flattened.


Product Description

The ForeCast Folding hook keepers (FHK) were designed with the fly fisherman in mind. This design keeps the fly up off the blank while attached to the hook keeper so that it doesn’t get flattened. The end result is a fly ready to fish without having to fix it up each time you remove it from the keeper.

The ForeCast regular hook keeper (HK) are the standard in the industry. This hook keeper can be used for any application, whether you are fly fishing in a small stream or trolling in saltwater. Available in small and large sizes.

  • Extreme Corrosion Resistance
  • Precision Grounded
  • Hard Anodized Finish
  • Folding Application
  • FHK = Folding
  • HK-S = Small Regular
  • HK-M = Large Regular
  • HK-L = Extra Large Regular

Regular Hook Keeper Specifications

Part # Color Length (mm) Length (in) Height (mm) Height (in)
HKS Silver 15.2908 0.602 5.0038 0.197
BHKS Black Chrome 15.2908 0.602 5.0038 0.197
HKL Silver 21.9456 0.864 6.2992 0.248
BHKL Black 21.9456 0.864 6.2992 0.248
XHKS* Silver 15.29 0.602 5.004 0.197
XBHKS* Black 15.29 0.602 5.004 0.197
* SS316 Stainless Steel on XHKS and XBHKS

Folding Hook Keeper Specifications

Part # Color Length (mm) Length (in) Height (mm) Height (in)
FHK-B Black Chrome 17.78 0.7 5.08 0.2
FHK-S Polished Silver 17.78 0.7 5.08 0.2

Additional information


Part #

HK-S Silver, HK-S Black, HK-L Silver, HK-L Black, HK-M Silver, HK-M Black, FHK Black, FHK Silver


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