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ForeCast Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon Butt Caps


ForeCast™ recognized that any standard freshwater build wouldn’t be complete without one of these. That is the reason ForeCast™ designed the fiberglass reinforced nylon butt caps. While extremely durable, the ForeCast™ butt cap will easily adapt to any ForeCast™ cork and EVA tenon with little to no modification.


Product Description

  • Fits on Cork and EVA
  • Extremely Durable
  • Material: UV Resistant PVC
  • Size 20 Butt Cap on SBC20B


Part Number OD (mm) OD (in) ID (mm) ID (in) Depth (mm) Depth (in)
SBC16B PVC 20.7 0.815 15.85 0.624 12.57 0.502
SBC20B* PVC 25.4 1.000 19.80 0.775 21.50 0.846
SBC25B PVC 32.0 1.260 24.80 0.875 21.50 0.846

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