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3-Tand VIKN Ultra-Large Arbor Fly Reels


VIKN [ VIXEN / noun ]: The name VIKN™ stems from Greek mythology and is derived from the word VIKNON, meaning conqueror of, victor of, slayer of.

The name was selected for this line of reels because of the beauty, lightweight and sophistication behind the design of this reel series, and also because it utilizes our smooth yet powerful sealed drag system. Designed for the Anglers who are looking for more out of their reels, this ultra-large arbor series offers you a tremendous amount of worry-free options while on the water. From single-handed fly fishing to swtich and spey, the VIKN™ fly reel gives you much more … for less.

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Product Description

Line Capacity
WF6F 240/20lb Dacron
WF7F 215/20lb Dacron
WF8F 190/20lb Dacron
Weight 4.6 oz.
Spool Size 3.625″ X 0.95″
Drag Technology Nano CF Drag™ Disc System

Line Capacity
WF8F 400/20lb Dacron
WF8F 300/30lb Dacron
WF9F 375/20lb Dacron
WF9F 275/30lb Dacron
WF10F 250/30lb Dacron
WF11F 225/30lb Dacron
Weight 7.7 oz.
Spool Size 4.6″ X 1.05″
Drag Technology Nano CF Drag™ Disc System

Line Capacity
WF11F 475/30lb Dacron
WF12F 450/30lb Dacron
WF12F 650/50lb Gel Spun
WF13F 600/50lb Gel Spun
WF14F 550/50lb Gel Spun
WF15F 500/50lb Gel Spun
Weight 11 oz.
Spool Size 5.25″ X 1.10″
Drag Technology Nano CF Drag™ Disc System

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V-130, V-50, V-80


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