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Paul Brown’s Floating Fat Boy Suspending Twitchbait


The Paul Brown Floating Fat Boy has a wide-bodied profile and suspending action, with a special vacuumed rattle. It’s weighted for long casts, and perfect for wade fishing in skinny water.

Model: FBF

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Product Description

A favorite among wade fishermen, Paul Brown’s Fat Boy features a wide-bodied profile and suspending action which catches large fish. It’s weighted for long casts and has a special vacuumed rattle that fish can’t resist. The Floating Fat Boy runs shallower than the Fat Boy and is designed for skinny waters.

  • Model: FBF
  • Length: 3-1/2 inches
  • Weight: 13/16 oz

Available Colors


Additional information


01 Pearl Chartreuse Back, 02 Strawberry White Tail, 03 Strawberry Black Back, 04 Glow, 05 Purple Chartreuse Belly, 06 Chartreuse Black Back, 07 Silver Chartreuse Tail, 08 Pink Silver, 09 Black Gold Orange, 10 Pearl Black Back, 11 Black Back/Silver Glitter/Pink Belly, 12 Black Back/Pearl/Chartreuse Belly, 14 Red Head/Glow, 15 Bone Back/Silver Whisker Glitter, 16 Tequila Sunrise, 17 Pink Back/Pearl/Pink Belly, 18 Green Back/Silver Glitter, 19 Opening Night, 20 Chicken, 21 Roach, 22 Red Head/White Back/Silver Glitter, 30 Purple Demon, 31 Glow Chartreuse Tail, 49 Bayou Green Back/Silver Whisker Glitter, 91 Chartreuse Gold White Belly, 93 Bone, 95 Dayglow, 96 Copper Top, 97 Black Chartreuse Tail, 98 TX Chicken



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