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Hatch Premium Backing


We'll spool your reel with Hatch Premium Backing. It has the touch and feel of Dacron combined with the strength and diameter of Gel Spun in a single 8 braid PE line for use in all fly fishing applications.


Product Description

Why only one size backing? Because the diameter of Hatch Premium Backing is equal to or less than other lines, while still being stronger with a higher lb/kg rating. Since the diameter of the line determines how much backing builds up on the arbor of your reel, this single diameter line can be effectively used in all fly fishing applications – fresh or saltwater.

Hatch Premium Specifications

Diameter: 0.015" / 37mm Strength: 68lb / 30kg Color: White

Additional information



50 yds, 100 yds, 150 yds, 200 yds, 250 yds, 300 yds, 350 yds


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