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Accurate Valiant Light Line Reel


What makes the BVL special is the speed, capacity and weight of the reel. The inches per crank of the BVL-600S and BVL-600SW, at 62.5 inches, makes kite fishing a breeze. While kite fishing there is 50-100ft of slack line that you have to reel in to come tight to a fish once the kite clip releases. When setting your baits, the BVL’s clicker is the ideal tension in order for the reel to not back lash, and it is not to tight that it will pop the kite clip or soar your baits through the air. The speed is crucial when backing down on a fish going ballistic on the surface. 7:1 gear ratio will ensure you get that release. The capacity keeps plenty of line on the spool to keep the inches per crank up when getting spread out on fish. Sailfish are commonly caught in multiple numbers, therefore can and will swim in opposite directions stretching out your reel’s capacity. When fighting two fish or more at the same time, keeping fish away from the boat while staying tight is a key factor. The weight of the reel is anywhere from 3-9oz lighter than its competition. When fishing for sailfish rods are often moved and intertwined to keep from being tangled and while fighting frisky fish. A reel with a weight of only 19oz makes for a super light combo that can reduce fatigue while fighting numbers of fish.

Product Description


  • Light weight.
  • Reinforced spool to alleviate mono compaction.
  • Large spool for increased mono line capacity for multiple hookups.
  • 7:1 high speed gearing for increased line retrieval.
  • Light line drag cam for even, smooth drag at all settings.
  • Loud clicker with ideal tension.
  • Smooth lever drag engagement.



Model Mono Line Rating (Yrds/lb) Gear Ratio Max Drag Weight (oz)
BVL-600S 650/20 7:1 20 19
BVL-600SW 750/20 7:1 20 20

Additional information


600W, 600


Black, Silver


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