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The Roy’s Bait and Tackle Outfitters Pro Staff

These guys are the 2017 Roy’s Bait and Tackle Pro Staff, and they are here if you have any questions or need some guidance.

Tod Johnson – Offshore and Kayaks

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Tod Johnson has been fishing from the time he could walk, and kayaking since 2009. He began paddling the Texas Gulf Coast to expand his fishing options, while at the same time finding peace and solitude in time spent on the water. He made the leap in 2013 from inshore to offshore fishing where he fell in love with the salt spray, screaming drags, and a family of like minded offshore anglers. Through it all, Tod has always been a customer and a friend of Roy’s Bait & Tackle Outfitters.

Tod’s passion for offshore kayaking drove his decision in early 2016 to relocate from San Antonio to Corpus Christi, TX. Tod now travels from Tournaments to Kayak related events capturing and sharing the amazing culture that surrounds the Kayak Industry. He contributes to local and national publications such as Coastal Angler Magazine, Saltwater Angler Magazine, Fishbrain Weekly Fishing Report, and Lone Star Outdoor News.

You can also find Tod on Instagram under the handle @SAHunter_Outdoors. Tod continues to compete in Local and National offshore kayak fishing events such as the Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament Series, and the Blue Water Kayak Classic. He currently is on the rules and ethics committee for Extreme, and has recently become part owner of the Texas Blue Water Kayak Classic. Tod intends to help build it Texas BWKC into the premier Texas Offshore Kayaking event.

Mike Flores – Inshore and Kayaks

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Mike was born and raised in Corpus Christi, and grew up fishing inshore in the Oso Bay and lower Laguna Madre waters. His passion has always been slow drifting the flats, fishing topwater and artificials hunting for trout and redfish. As he became a more confident angler, Mike was slowly drawn into the ocean. Mike remembers seeing others catching sharks, kingfish, cobia and even tarpon off of our local Bob Hall pier. That’s when he realized he wanted to start fishing BTB (Beyond the Breakers). The more extreme version of Kayak fishing.

As a Pro-Staffer, Mike strives to help others into the sport of kayak fishing, teach the importance of safety and kayak rigging.

  • 2013 Spanish Mackerel Champion BWKC
  • 2015 Cobia Champion BWKC

Glenn Madden – Offshore and Kayaks

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Beginning as a teenager, Glenn spent 30 years fishing out of small powerboats offshore of Port Aransas chasing kingfish and cobia. He learned a lot about presentation and rigging ribbonfish in those years, and became “that guy” in charge of keeping all the tackle in order, rigging baits and keeping the spread of baits clean while we fished. Glenn also spent a lot of his earlier years wade fishing the bays for trout and reds, and even had the chance to crew on a big boat chasing (and catching) billfish, wahoo and tuna for several years.

In 2007 Glenn got into kayaking after a traffic accident left him with a pretty serious neck injury. Kayaking helped Glenn strengthen his neck and shoulders, and see the offshore world in a whole new way. When he slowed down to kayak speeds, Glenn got a closer look at the fish and gained a better understanding of what it took to catch them. He started to think more like a fish, so he began to catch more and larger fish. He began carrying video cameras to prove to friends that his stories were true, and that launched what has become a pretty popular YouTube channel. Glenn post fishing trips, but also how-to videos to help new-comers learn to rig up and succeed when they head out to try kayak fishing for themselves.

Kayaks have allowed Glenn to catch more fish, and have also allowed him to approach some that were unexpected. Glenn has been able to pet Manta rays much larger than his kayak, paddle with several types of sharks over 10 feet in length (no he didn’t pet any of those), and had lots of close-up contacts with the big porpoise that hang around the jetties of Port Aransas.

Capt. Javi Castillo – Inshore and Conventional

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Capt. Javi Castillo attended Oklahoma Christian college on golf scholarship for four years. He received his United States Coast Guard six pack license in 2008, and is now a full-time fishing guide and tournament fisherman. Capt. Javi runs trips and launches from Port Aransas, Corpus Christi and Baffin Bay. Last year Capt. Javi won the Port Aransas Deep-Sea Round Up Bay Division Grand Champion.

He likes fishing with all types of different fisherman, from beginner to professional. Capt. Javi considers himself more of a teaching professional guide. He won’t just hand a rod and reel over and send you on your way, he likes to explain the process. Not just that but want you to understand why you are working a lure a certain way for what the condition is called for. The best part of his job is seeing all the smiles, excitement, family and friend outings. Being able to share his knowledge and experience on the water with clients and local fishermen is what it’s all about.