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Yo-Zuri 3DS Popper


Yo-ZuriⓇ 3DS Popper tricks finicky gamefish like no other. Its smaller profile and the short-lipped popper cup create surface activity that fools even the wisest fish. This floating lure is 2 ⅝ inches long and available in 8 colors.


Product Description

The Yo-Zuri 3DS Popper has been designed to trick even the most finicky gamefish. Its overall smaller profile combined with the short-lipped popper cup and available Internal 3D Prism finish (select models) create surface activity that fool the wisest of gamefish. The combination feathered treble with holographic mylar tinsel tail perfectly mimics the scales of an injured baitfish floating on the surface of the water for enhanced strike opportunities.


  • Available in painted or internationally patented Internal 3D Prism Finishes
    • Prism Finish: Holographic Charteuse Lime, Holographic Clown, Holographic Gold Black, Holographic Ghost Shad, Holographic Tennessee Shad
    • Painted Finish: Pearl Chartreuse, Sexy Shad, Tennessee Shad
  • Combination Mylar and feather tail
  • Blood red and chartreuse mouths
  • Strong polycarbonate body
  • Walk the dog or traditional popper action
  • Black nickel round bend hooks


ActionStop and Go
Weight¼ oz / 7 grams
Length2 ⅝ in / 65 mm

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2 ⅝ in


Holographic Chartreuse Lime, Holographic Clown, Holographic Ghost Shad, Holographic Gold Black, Holographic Tennesse Shad, Pearl Chartreuse, Sexy Shad, Tennesse Shad


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