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Unfair Lures Rattlin’ Shrimp


Paul’s Rattlin’ Shrimp is identical to and acts just like a natural shrimp, and is perfect for inshore and offshore fishing

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Product Description

A nature identical bait. In profile and action. Paul’s Shrimp is unique in it’s design since it has a nature identical forward/downward gliding motion free-lined, but an upward/rearward twitching action similar to a living Shrimp when the fisherman retrieves the Paul’s Shrimp. Paul’s Shrimp is a highly effective bait when rigged under a popping cork, or simply free lined. Ultra-realistic with mobile eyes and Mylar tentacles this bait is almost a Trojan Horse on the flats. The fisherman can furthermore use this Paul’s Shrimp as a Top-Water since it will ‘walk-the-dawg” on the surface.

Paul’s Rattlin’ Shrimp Specifications

Size 85 mm 110 mm
Weight 3/8 oz 2/3 oz
Type Fast Suspend 1-4 ft Fast Suspend 1-4 ft


  • Nature identical shrimp.
  • Inshore/Offshore fishing 1-50 feet.
  • The patent pending Paul’s UNFAIR Shrimp looks, and importantly acts just like a natural shrimp.
  • It is the ONLY shrimp that makes a correct directional presentation.
  • When a shrimp is “attacked” it scoots away in reverse. This shrimp mimics that behavior.
  • Stainless swivel for better knots and no line twist.
  • Quality PvR Turbo-Set 3X hooks will hold on to your catch.

Additional information



85 mm, 110 mm


01 Liveglow White, 02 Natural Chartreuse, 03 Natural Brown, 04 Natural Olive, 05 Pale Yellow, 06 Natural Black, 07 FL Pink, 08 Natural Tan, 09 Liveglow Chartreuse, 12 Electric Pink, 13 Hot Chicken, 15 Brown N Treuse, 18 Tan N Treuse, 40 Watermelon

Lure Weight

⅜ oz, ⅔ oz


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