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Tica TC2 Surf Spinning Rods


Tica’s TC2 Surf Spinning Rods is the most popular surf series, and has models for every surf, jetty, and pier application. These rods are crafted from TC2 graphite for its light weight and extreme durability. There are four models dedicated to West coast, surf perch fishing and light tackle.


Product Description

ModelActionLengthPiecesLine StrengthLure Weight
UE-HA421301SM7’0″16-17 lb½-2 oz
UE-HA521301SMH7’0″110-25 lb¾-3 oz
UE-HA424401SM8’0″16-17 lb½-2 oz
UE-HA524401SMH8’0″110-25 lb¾-3 oz
UE-HA424402SM8’0″26-17 lb½-2 oz
UE-HA524402SMH8’0″210-25 lb¾-3 oz
UE-HA425902SM8’6″28-17 lb½-1½ oz
UE-HA427402SM9’0″210-25 lb½-3 oz
UE-HA527402SMH9’0″212-30 lb2-6 oz
UE-HA429002SM9’6″28-17 lb½-1½ oz
UE-HA630502SH10’0″212-30 lb2-8 oz
UE-HA532002SMH10’6″210-25 lb1-3 oz
UE-HA632002SH10’6″212-30 lb2-8 oz
UE-HA733502SXH11’0″215-40 lb3-8 oz
UE-HA933502SXXH11’0″220-50 lb6-12 oz
UE-HA436502SM12’0″28-20 lb¾-2 oz
UE-HA836502SXH12’0″215-40 lb4-10 oz
UE-HA936502SXXH12’0″2 20-50 lb6-12 oz


  • High modulus TC2 Japanese graphite material
  • Specially designed surf casting rod
  • High-grade titanium oxide ring guides
  • Fuji aluminum oxide ring tip top guide
  • Superior non-slip cork tape handle with Tica APS graphite reel seat
  • Perfect match for Scepter (GX / TL / SBAT) series reels
  • Moderate Fast/Fast Action

Additional information


Rod Action

Moderate, Moderate-Fast

Rod Length

7', 8', 8' 6", 9', 9' 6", 10', 10' 6", 11', 12'


1, 2

Rod Power

Medium, Medium-Heavy, Heavy, X-Heavy, XX-Heavy


UE-HA421301S, UE-HA424401S, UE-HA424402S, UE-HA425902S, UE-HA427402S, UE-HA429002S, UE-HA436502S, UE-HA521301S, UE-HA524401S, UE-HA524402S, UE-HA527402S, UE-HA532002S, UE-HA630502S, UE-HA632002S, UE-HA733502S, UE-HA836502S, UE-HA933502S, UE-HA936502S


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