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Tica Dolphin Surf Spinning Rods


TC3 graphite gives these rods the ability to throw hard baits, such as topwaters and spoons, long distances. Super light weights and smaller diameter blanks give you a rod ideal for walking long stretches of beach without fatigue. Tica’s finest! Nothing comes close in this price range.

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Product Description

Model Action Length Pieces Line Strength Lure Weight
UGSA70MH1S MH 7’0″ 1 10-25 lbs ¾-3 oz
UGSA80M1S M 8’0″ 1 6-17 lbs ½-2 oz
UGSA80MH1S MH 8’0″ 1 10-25 lbs ¾-3 oz
UG-SA80M2S M 8’0″ 1 6-17 lbs ½-2 oz
UG-SA80MH2S MH 8’0″ 1 10-25 lbs ¾-3 oz
UGSA90M2S M 9’0″ 2 10-25 lbs ½-3 oz
UGSA90MH2S MH 9’0″ 2 12-30 lbs 2-6 oz
UGSA10MH2S MH 10’0″ 2 12-30 lbs 2-8 oz
UGSA106MH2S MH 10’6″ 2 12-30 lbs 2-8 oz
UGSA11MH2S MH 11’0″ 2 15-40 lbs 3-8 oz
UGSA11XH2S XH 11’0″ 2 20-50 lbs 6-12 oz
UGSA12H2S H 12’0″ 2 15-40 lbs 4-10 oz
UGSA12XH2S XH 12’0″ 2 20-50 lbs 6-12 oz


  • Constructed from high modulus TC3 Japanese graphite material
  • High quality Fuji aconite tip top guide and Fuji Hardloy ring guides for better heat dissipation
  • Special Tica sliding foldable hook keeper,  Fuji DPS reel seat and non-slip cork tape handle
  • Fast action TC3 graphite surf rods have feature that are only available on higher end rods . Light weight and sensitive for all day comforts
  • Perfect match for Talisman / Samira / Scepter / Abyss series reels
  • Fast Action

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10ft 6in Spinning MH, 10ft Spinnings MH, 11ft Spinning MH, 12ft Spinning H, 8ft Spinning M, 8ft Spinning MH, 9ft Spinning MH


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