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RainShadow RX6 E-Glass Knife Jigging Rod Blanks


RainShadow RX6 E-Glass Knife Jigging Rod Blanks are one piece blanks with a fast action. The E-Glass pattern with RX6 graphite gives it a lighter weight, increased sensitivity, a slimmer rear profile, and greater lifting power. Beautiful Titanium Chrome Finish.


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Product Description

The RX6/E-Glass series is exceptionally versatile, for saltwater pelagic species, the uses are endless! Graphite is used on the lower end of these blanks for sensitivity and to create the perfect action needed. E-Glass is blended into the tips for boosted durability. These are the perfect blend of durable blanks with fantastic actions; a fisherman’s dream!
    • Modern blend of RX6 Graphite and E-Glass
    • Moderate action
    • 1 piece blanks
    • E-Glass pattern with RX6 graphite added to the bottom half of the blank for lighter weight, increased sensitivity, slimmer rear profile, and greater lifting power
    • Beautiful Titanium Chrome finish
    • Limited lifetime warranty


Model Length Line Lure Butt TipTop Power Weight Application
RCKJB508-500-TC 5’8″ 50-100lb. 12-24oz. 0.602 10.5 XH 5.2oz. SW knife jigging blank
RCKJB508-600-TC 5’8″ 80-130lb. 14-30oz. 0.690 11.5 XH 8.4oz. SW knife jigging blank
RCKJB600-112-TC 6’0″ 15-30lb. 2-5oz. 0.535 8.0 ML 4.2oz. SW knife jigging blank
RCKJB600-150-TC 6’0″ 20-40lb. 3-6oz. 0.550 8.0 ML 4.5oz. SW knife jigging blank
RCKJB600-165-TC 6’0″ 20-45lb. 4-7oz. 0.560 8.0 M 4.9oz. SW knife jigging blank
RCKJB600-210-TC 6’0″ 25-45lb. 5-8oz. 0.550 8.5 M 5.0oz. SW knife jigging blank
RCKJB600-325-TC 6’0″ 30-60lb. 8-12oz. 0.555 10.0 H 7.0oz. SW knife jigging blank
RCKJB606-150-TC 6’6″ 20-40lb. 3-6oz. 0.575 7.5 ML 5.3oz. SW knife jigging blank
RCKJB606-250-TC 6’6″ 30-50lb. 6-10oz. 0.574 9.0 MH 5.7oz. SW knife jigging blank
RCKJB606-325-TC 6’6″ 30-60lb. 8-15oz. 0.600 10.5 H 7.9oz. SW knife jigging blank
RCKJB700-112-TC 7’0″ 15-30lb. 2-5oz. 0.597 8.0 ML 5.9oz. SW knife jigging blank/Trolling Rod
RCKJB700-250-TC 7’0″ 30-50lb. 6-10oz. 0.610 8.5 MH 6.8oz. SW knife jigging blank/Trolling Rod
RCKJB700-325-TC 7’0″ 30-60lb. 8-12oz. 0.630 10.5 H 9.0oz. SW knife jigging blank/Trolling Rod
RCKJB700-400-TC 7’0″ 40-70lb 9-14oz. 0.650 9.5 H 10.7oz. SW knife jigging blank/Trolling Rod

Additional information


Rod Length

5' 8", 6', 6' 6", 7'




RCKJB508-500, RCKJB508-600, RCKJB600-112, RCKJB600-150, RCKJB600-165, RCKJB600-210, RCKJB600-325, RCKJB606-150, RCKJB606-250, RCKJB606-325, RCKJB700-112, RCKJB700-250, RCKJB700-325, RCKJB700-400


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