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Jackson Kayak Big Rig

$1,749.99 $1,487.99

Big Rig. The name says it all – stability, reliability and comfortability in almost any fishing situation. The crafted hull allows this wide kayak to keep its speed and efficiency at a maximum.


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Product Description

The name of this kayak, Big Rig, sums up exactly what it is intended to do and for whom it was intended to do it for – big stability for the many anglers that deserve a model to help them feel comfortable in a smaller watercraft, and even allow them to stand and fish from one! If this kayak was much wider we might have to call it a boat, but our design team kept it at just the right specs to allowing the Big Rig to maintain the performance of a kayak with the stability of a boat. They also crafted the hull for reliable, efficient performance in most kayak fishing situations – lakes, ponds, rivers, inshore saltwater bays or marshes – so no matter where you go the Big Rig is ready to make you feel comfortable there!

Big Rig Walkthrough Video

Jackson Kayak Big Rig Walkthrough Video

Big Rig Specifications

Length 13′ 2″
Width 38″
# of Seats 1
Height 16″
Hi/Lo Seating Yes
Material Linear Poly
Rudder Ready Yes (Sold Separately)
Total Capacity 450 lbs
Weight 93 lbs (99 w/ seat)

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