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Feelfree Corona

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Product Description

The ultimate family kayak, the Feelfree Corona is comfortable, stable and versatile, with three different seating configurations. The middle section of the kayak can be utilized as a spot for a third paddler or be utilized for solo paddling by taking out the other seats. Whether you’re paddling the Corona solo, tandem or with three paddlers, you’ll find that it handles well on most bodies of water. And with molded in handles and our proven Wheel in the Keel, no one in the family will be complaining when it comes time to move it around.

Standard Features

  • Wheel in the Keel
  • Molded in handles
  • Recessed fittings
  • Molded in paddle parks
  • Drain plug

Corona Features

  • Deluxe seats
  • Rubber hatches
  • Drinking bottle holder

Corona Specifications

Length 13′ 1″ / 4 m
Width 33.75″ / 86 cm
Weight 79.4 lbs / 36 kg
Capacity 617 lbs / 280 kg

Available Colors


Feelfree Kayaks – Tomorrow’s Kayak Today

It doesn’t take long to notice what sets Feelfree kayaks apart. With unique color combinations and the most innovative standard features, Feelfree kayaks have redefined paddling as we know it today. However, these innovations weren’t developed overnight. It’s all a result of our attention to customer feedback combined with over 30 years of design and development experience, complemented by a high level of craftsmanship. The modern evolution of kayak design has just begun.

Wheel in the Keel
Wheel in the Keel
One of Feelfree’s most defining features is the Wheel in the Keel. Transporting your Feelfree kayak to and from the water as well as loading and unloading is a breeze with the innovative Wheel in the Keel.
Molded In Handles
Molded In Handles
Kayak handles are typically tethered with a piece of rope or bungee that can break. With Feelfree’s durable molded in handles, you’ll never have to worry about losing a grip or breaking a handle again.
Recessed Hardware Fittings
Recessed Hardware Fittings
Feelfree Kayaks are meticulously designed down to how the hardware fittings are positioned for an overall smoother and snagless profile.
Paddle Keeper System
Paddle Keeper System
Whether you need to store your paddle during transport or to just want to put it down to take a break on the water, you can rest assured it will be secure with Feelfree’s Paddle Keeper System.
Touring Tri Hull
Touring Tri Hull
Exceptional stability and tracking make the tri-hull touring hull ideal for exploring and rock hopping on the coast, lakes or slow moving waters.

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Ice Cool, Tropical, Field & Stream


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