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Black Bayou Casting Series by Cajun Custom Rods


Black Bayou™ rods are “Country Boy Tough”, with a 30% increase in power, and more than 15% reduction in overall weight. This rod is lighter with an increased strength-to-weight ratio which equates to amazing hook-set power and superb sensitivity.  Fabricated using Cajun Custom Rods’ CFX™ rod blank materials, each rod has an optimum blend of resins, scrim, and the highest ratio of high-strain rate carbon fiber.  So no matter how you fish, the Black Bayou™ inshore and bass fishing rods will have you landing lunkers and giving free boat rides to your next trophy catch in no time!

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Product Description

With even more power, the 2017 Black Bayou™ casting rods are a return of the legendary, “Country Boy Tough” fishing performance you’ve come to expect from Cajun Rods … and at a price that puts all of the competitors to shame … putting even more of these USA-made Cajun Rods into the hands of anglers. With the new 2017 Black Bayou™ inshore and bass fishing rods, Cajun Rods has done it again! Power increased by 30% while simultaneously reducing the overall weight by more than 15%, delivering an even lighter rod with a further increased strength-to-weight ratio which equates to bullet-proof hook-set power and insane sensitivity.

Black Bayou Specifications

Model Grip / Material Length Power Action Line Rating Lure Rating
BB-845-1C Split / EVA 7′ Medium Heavy Fast 12-25 lbs ⅜ oz – 1 oz
BB-905-1C Split / EVA 7’6″ Medium Heavy Fast 12-25 lbs ⅜ oz – 1 oz

When other folks cut corners (and they’re bottom-line in quality) on their manufacture, Cajun Custom Rods sticks with what really works and that’s why they fabricate each CFX™ rod blank with an optimum blend of resins content, scrim, and the highest ratio of high-strain rate carbon fiber.  So no matter how you fish, the Black Bayou™ rods will have you landing lunkers and giving free boat rides to your next trophy catch in no time!

World-class Fuji® rod guides, hardware, and reel seats are precisely positioned, balanced, and tuned to each CFX™ rod blank, complimenting the attributes of each of our Black Bayou™ series bass fishing rods.  The result is enhanced durability, improved casting distance, better casting accuracy, more sensitivity, and superb hook-set and fish-fighting control.  Delivering technique specific performance second-to-none, Cajun Custom Rods Black Bayou™ series fishing rods make it more affordable for anglers to experience the perfection of a Cajun Rod. Cajun Custom Rods® designed the Black Bayou™ rods to do one thing, and one thing only … catch fish.

Each Black Bayou™ fishing rod is engineered and fabricated on proprietary Cajun Fiber X-treme™ (CFX™) rod blanks and leverage the following technologies:

Features & Technologies

  • 100% Made in the USA
  • ACURIGHT™ Split Grip Handle System:
    • When it feels right, it just feels right.  Right?  Each of our Cajun Rods produced is ergonomically constructed such that the combination of tuning, balance, and materials serve as the focal point for your only point of contact on your fishing rod, the rod grip (or handle). So the next time you “grip it and rip it” just know that our meticulous attention to ergonomic design is to ensure that your Cajun Rod not only fishes right, but feels right from first to last cast.
  • Premium Duracore™ Premium EVA Handle Material:
    • When it comes to the selection of handle system components and materials used in your Cajun Rod, quality counts.  Our Duracore™ Premium EVA handles and grips are super dense which equate to excellent abrasion, rip-stop resistance, enhanced vibration transmission, and a comfortable touch.  So look forward to grabbing a Cajun Rod, because we know you’ll enjoy your super tough Cajun-crazy sensitive fishing rod.
  • Harmonic Tuning and Precision Balance:
    • At Cajun, each fishing rod is tuned to ensure optimum casting, retrieval, and rod response. Every rod guide is placed based on rod kinematics (”how that particular rod behaves”).  The end result is that a Cajun Rod is harmonically tuned to every rod guide and component along the rod’s longitudinal axis, allowing for a “perfect” cast every time.  Cast longer, load stronger, and hit the bullseye every time with your Cajun Rod.
    • End-to-end rod balancing is performed on each Cajun Rod.  To the angler, this means stronger and faster hook sets because it places your fishing rod tip above your “neutral zone” and in a “ready position.”  A fulcrum-balanced Cajun Rod enhances your comfort and increases overall rod performance through longer and more accurate casts.   This is but one detail as to why Cajun Rods are simply a better-engineered fishing rod.
  • FUJI® Concept Stainless Rod Guides (handles any mono, fluoro, or braid effortlessly):
    • Fuji® is world-renowned and steeped in decades of innovation as an industry leading manufacturer of fishing rod components. As such, we are proud to offer each of our 45 models of USA-manufactured Cajun Rods for 2017 exclusively using Fuji® rod guides and reel seats. “At Cajun Rods, every rod is USA-handcrafted … one at a time !”
  • FUJI® Quality Reel Seat = durable, proven, and keeps your finger in touch with every vibrationDropshot Hook Keeper (Stainless Steel)Cajun Fiber X-Treme™ (CFX™) rod blank engineering and design = reactive hook sets:
    • Casting: Blank-through Graphite Reel Seat with Cushioned Hood
    • Spinning: Solid-body Graphite with Cushioned Hoods
  • Smooth Taper-Transition™ (STT™) technology:
    • STT™ is the result of our multi-layered approach to rod tube design utilizing CFX™ carbon fiber and graphite materials.  STT™ provides uniform wall thickness and minimizes weak points in the blank as well increases durability and strength.  When combined with our SCML™ and RLCF™ technology, every Cajun Rod is specifically engineered for a specific power-to-weight ratio with crisp, precise actions from rod tip to rod end.  Rolled from scratch, engineered to the hilt, and designed to perform … “We build your confidence.”
  • Smooth Core Micro Lattice™ (SCML™) rod blank with CFX30™ fibers:
    • SCML™ is the intricate overlay of CFX™ carbon fiber and graphite materials to create a seamless mesh in every USA-engineered Cajun Rod tube.  When our micro-latticed CFX™ materials are combined with a layered approach to rod blank design, the end result is that our anglers enjoy exceptional rod control, even rod loading,  minimal rod twist, reduced rod weight, and increased rod sensitivity in their Cajun Rod.
    • USA-manufactured to Cajun engineering specifications, this is our proprietary recipe of intermediate 30-ton carbon fiber and resin materials. Precisely measured and combined, our CFX30™ prepreg serves as a staple ingredient in many of our world-class Cajun Rods. Our CFX30™ prepreg is used in the produciton of both SCML™ and RLCF™ rod tube fabrics.
  • Reinforced Linear Carbon Fiber™  (RLCF™) rod tube with CFX+™ material:
    • RLCF™ is not just the precision alignment of our CFX™ material along the longitudinal axis of every Cajun Rod, but most importantly consists of the pressures utilized to overlap and individually bind the carbon fiber strands in our rods.  Ultimately, the linear integrity this process provides further reinforces each CFX™ rod blank to support extreme end-to-end loading and optimal parabolic form of each Cajun Rod.
    • CFX+™ is truly a masterpiece of USA-engineering in rod material design. Combining high strain 36 and 40-ton carbon fibers with the perfect blend of resin enables very specific actions and tapers in our Cajun Rods.  The strongest and lightest carbon fiber prepreg material that we use in manufacture, CFX+™ is best utilized in SCML™ rod tube fabrics.  Amazing performance and technical applications.
  • Lifetime limited warranty backed by Cajun Custom Rods®

So no matter how you fish, the Black Bayou™ freshwater/inshore casting rod series from Cajun Custom Rods® are loaded with performance from end to end … and at a fraction of the price you’d expect.  If you want the best fishing rod for your hard-earned money, then Cajun Custom Rods® has just your style: “Black Bayou™ … country boy tough!”

“I’ve been using Cajun Rods for awhile and there is no better rod… they will never let you down!” – Colby Elsass, Pro Angler

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Rod Action


Rod Power


Rod Length

7', 7' 6"




BB-845-1C, BB-905-1C


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