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Betts Super Pro 1/4″ Cast Net


When you throw your cast net, you don’t want any good bait to slip through. That’s why you choose a Betts Super Pro #24 Series cast net. They’re better performing leadline nets, with a 20-25% larger spread for the same price as the competition. This net far exceeds in design and quality over others’ pro series nets.

Size 6 ft

Model # 24-6


Product Description

  • ¼” mesh made of premium mono
  • Packed in a durable bucket with complete “how to” instructions
  • Opens fully and designed to sink fast
  • Designed for baits 1 to 2 inches in shallow to medium water
  • Weighs 1.3 lb per foot
  • All leadlines are braided with hard center core and will not kink
  • Double selvage on leadline for triple strength
  • All knots are double tied and glued with epoxy
  • Triple knots keep the lead in place and holds netting to leadline
  • Balanced with correct weight for super fast sinking and full spread


Additional information



4 ft, 5 ft, 6 ft


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