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3-Tand TF-Series Lightweight Fly Reel



Product Description


This is the product description of the 3-Tand lightweight fly reels, and its purpose is to describe a little bit about the product.

ModelTF-40 LightweightTF-50 TroutTF-70 Crossover
Line Weights3-54-66-8
Weight3.5 oz3.9 oz4.6 oz
Spool Size3.0″ x 0.83″3.38″ x 0.91″3.75″ x 0.98″
Line CapacityWF3F 90/20lb Dacron
WF4F 60/20lb Dacron
WF5F 45/20lb Dacron
WF4F 145/20lb Dacron
WF5F 130/20lb Dacron
WF6F 115/20lb Dacron
WF6F 200/20lb Dacron
WF7F 175/20lb Dacron
WF8F 150/20lb Dacron

Additional information


TF-40, TF-50, TF-70



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