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Stik Boats – World’s First Personal Fishing Craft



Length141.7 inches
Width37.8 inches
Weight250 lbs
Capacity350 lbs

Stik Boat is the world’s first personal fishing craft. The entire deck is fishable space – it’s like a mini skiff / bass boat with the front two-thirds of the boat available to fish from. The streamlined hull gives the Stik Boat unmatched stability, so you can easily stand up and fish. This boat goes where other boats can’t because it floats in just 3 inches of water, and will plane in only 4 to 6 inches. The unique 4-stroke jet-driven 17.5 Hp engine is quiet, runs on gasoline, and reaches a top speed of 27 mph.

With the push-button ignition and a joystick, you’ll feel like a kid again! Getting to the fish is no longer the boring part, it’s all part of the fun with a Stik Boat. It’s easy to store, easy to trailer, easy to launch, and a whole lot of fun to fish from. A Stik Boat is part kayak, part skiff, and part bass boat, all rolled into one awesome personal fishing watercraft.

Available in White or Tan/White


Stik Boat Features

  • Drive your Stik Boat with an adjustable joystick – just pull the trigger and go!
  • Electric start via ON button, and OFF button shuts motor down
  • Custom engine is located dead center behind the operator with an electric push-button start
  • Folding padded seat with back rest
  • Built-in, three-part stainless steel reinforcing seat mount system
  • Adjustable foot pegs for driving comfort
  • Generous under-deck storage area for paddles, life-jackets, etc.
  • Insulated ice compartment with a drain in the floor
  • Dry storage inside console
  • Six factory-threaded accessory mounts to attach depth finders, rod holders, or virtually any accessory
  • Automatic bilge pump (with manual switch), plus maintenance-free engine compartment bilge pump
  • EPS-foam-filled fiberglass hull with gel coat exterior
  • Transportable on most PWC trailers

Custom 4-Stroke Engine

  • The custom 17.5 hp four-stroke engine is quiet, runs on gasoline and is ethanol compliant
  • 3.7 gallon fuel capacity and a 35–40 mile range
  • Gives you two hours of full-throttle operation
  • Jet-driven pump unit is designed to create optimum performance for the size and weight of a Stik Boat
  • It’s quick to reach plane and maximum top end speed of 27 mph
  • Cast aluminum impeller is engineered for longevity
  • Enclosed coolant system eliminates problems of running salt or dirty water through the system; raw water is pumped through stainless steel inner coolers, cooling the
    anti-freeze that then cools the engine and engine oil. The coolers easily back-flush after use to clean
  • Dual over-heating sensors will shut down the engine if the temperature ever exceeds safe levels
  • External oil drain and easily accessible oil filter keep maintenance simple

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